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    ATMs for you and your business
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    Serving over 25 million customers worldwide

About Us

ChangeGroup is a major innovator in ATMs with leading expertise in driving improved customer experience for malls and retailers, bringing you the best for your business

Our goal is to allow you to provide local currency & FX services 24/7 to your customers without need for huge overheads  


ChangeGroup was established in 1992 and today our ATMs can be found across the UK,
Europe and the USA

Changegroup ATMs is part of The ChangeGroup PLC
For more about The ChangeGroup please click here to view the main website.


Survey your site

Our site surveyors visit you to find the optimal locations for your ATM

Easy Set up

We only use top installation professionals to quickly and efficiently induct your machine

Reap Rewards

After full installation, it will begin attacting more custom to the area generating regular visitors

Dedicated support

We promise to provide support throughout our business and our helpline is available 24hrs a day


We do all the hard stuff so you dont have to

  • No capital outlay for your site, in fact we buy and operate the ATM
  • Professional marketing support and advertising material
  • Professional installation of the cash machines
  • “Best-in-Class” Full-Service
  • Free service numbers

Hosted all over Europe and the United States

Averaging 2 ATM transactions every minute

Working over 12 different currencies


Learn more about how ATMs generate income


Instant Access


Multi-Currency ATMs


Voucher & coupon dispensing


Increase Impulse Sales


Keeps customers local


Local Currency

DCC™ Enabled

24hr availability

Bespoke Design

Our ATM Range

At ChangeGroup ATMs we focus on client satisfaction.

We will select the most suitable options for your business and your customers

NCR 26

NCR 77

NCR 22e

NCR 22 "Arch"

Bespoke Designs

Bastion Security Plus unit


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